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Pre-purchase Inspections


.. & Condition Surveys


Nothing should be purchased without close and detailed inspection to better determine what it stands for. This is why, at Virtue Shipping, pre-purchase inspections are at the heart of our activities.


When you purchase such a sophisticated asset, you need to be certain it can stand up to the standards & purpose it was bought for: we are here, to support this requirement.


Anywhere in the world a candidate ship might be, call us now & we’ll attend at even the shortest notice. Our high quality reports will provide you with clarity, insight & information as if you had attended the ship yourself.


We perform thorough inspections of candidate ships. Inspections cover the full spectrum as regards to quality, including amongst other her engines, her hull, bridge & navigational equipment, performance history & underwater inspection of her bottom.


Ships not covering our criteria, do not pass our surveys – it really is as simple as that. When you want reliable performance and the capacity for success, let us help you make that possible today.

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