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Our Vision.

Our Passion.

Ever since our formation as a business, we’ve had a simple vision: to make shipping feel as safe as it should.


As one of the longest standing methods of human transport, many still doubt the safety and quality of life on the sea. We want to help you see that transport, shipping and management of logistics and of lives is not the danger it is presented to be.

Our aim is to provide top-of-the notch ship management services to our Clients. To provide them with peace of mind, with clarity & useful information pertinent to their Assets, whenever they need it.

By making the most of every health and safety requirement and maintaining ships that can handle even the most arduous of voyages,


Our vision is to help remove any challenges and stigma that exists around naval travel.


This is one of the safest methods of travel in the world – so let us prove that to you today.

What can we do for you?

At Virtue Shipping, we know the importance of delivering what our Clients ask for and require.


We are a boutique marine company, providing top-of-the-notch ship consultancy, management & advisory services to the Maritime Industry.


Having worked to make sure our services can perfectly match up to expectations, we deliver time and time again on a high-quality service tailored to the wants and needs of every Client.

We are proud for:


·         Our ability to maintain our ships to top standards

·         Providing our Clients peace of mind & a strong sense of security.

·         Managing ships that are trouble-free for the duration under our Care.


We are driven by our purpose to deliver our Clients exquisite services. This will never change, and will be our primary aim and ambition as a business.

How we add value to the industry

For centuries, the shipping sector has always been a core asset of the global trade. Not without reason, nowadays the sector is governed by stringent regulations. Long gone are the days when sub-standard vessels could get away with poor management. We strive our best to ensure that such practice is a thing of the past.


Also, new & intimidating environmental challenges call for better awareness. Safety issues call for dedication - reliability calls for determination. We make sure that our services meet these stringent requirements, time and time again.


By virtue of this necessity, Virtue Shipping was created. To cover those needs & to provide the highest quality ship management services available.

The Human Element is at the core of our principles; we understand that such a service does not work without the full input and buy-in from everyone involved – crew and Client included.


Being a boutique company, we employ a small team of determined & motivated individuals ashore.


We strive our best to achieve high levels of welfare of our crew on-board. Our Company is proud to support a work-friendly environment for its employees & seafarers on-board.


We adhere to strong work ethics and we value our people. This has been the case since our formation, and will be the case for the years to come.


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