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Financial & Budget Control


Ship management, itself being a complex & challenging activity, is nowadays under the pressure of competition. Money is tight, budgets are closer than ever and thus performances have to be at the very pinnacle of what people demand and expect. However, efficient ship management calls for tight financial control without cutting corners. How do we achieve that?


For one, we manage our ships with an “A to Z” approach. All activities are done in-house, with a strict criterion that has to be met on every ship before we can move on.


We make sure we utilize all available data having to do with day-to-day operations & gather important information from which we extract precious information. Also, we’ll connect data from different departments, in order to gain valuable insight into what has to change to get the very most out of each and every vessel that we work with.


We can then finally generate KPI’s, which enables us to have a clear picture of our performance, so that we can draw conclusions & tweak our work accordingly. These performance indicators allow us to know if we can meet the level of specification needed, without seeing budgets fly through the roof or excess financial pressure to be pushed onto the people that we work with.

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