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Drydocking Management


For us, drydocking isn't just about routine repairs ..


.. for us, Drydocking is pure.. Art


No form of dry-docking management is easy; it takes a lot of work, effort & preparation to put that in place. This is why we take all the time needed to perfectly plan and prepare the best way to manage this moving forward. If this sounds like the kind of help that you need, then we will be sure to help you put that in place, as soon as possible.


Our team always plans ahead, when it comes to drydocking projects. We want to be in line with Class periodical surveys. We make sure repair works are always performed on a sound engineering basis, in a timely manner, while keeping tight control of the budget. This allows us to be in total command of the dry-docking management, allowing us to pass on that sense of security & peace of mind to our Clients.

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