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Crew Management


Bearing in mind that crew selection constitutes a risk in ship management, we take care when choosing who our ships will be manned with. We want to guarantee that every journey will be manned by quality seafarers.


Continuous training of our crew is a must for us, in order for them to keep up with industry’s latest regulations & safety standards. They are being audited in frequent intervals by our shore staff, while always being treated with respect & care. This is something we never deviate from, and will always play a critical role in how we work and manage all of our operations.


The Human Element is at the core of what we do. The well-being of our crews is at the top of our list of priorities. Without a safe crew, how can a journey be safe?


We treat our crew with respect & compassion. Whether be it psychological & mental support, top-quality provision of supplies, ease of communication with their families, or any other matter related to their welfare, our aim is for our seafarers to be happy. This helps to maintain their spirit vigorous, keep their mood peaceful and make every ship we set out to sea a sure-fire success.

When it comes to the daily management of the crew, we don’t cut corners, either: we employ top-of-the-notch software to organize sign-on/offs, evaluation of each seafarer individually, salary/MGA/victuals KPI’s, and so forth. And to make it even better for you? All this information is always on the “cloud”, so you -as the stakeholder- can have instant access to all this information, at your fingertips.

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