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Consultancy & Advisory


we fit the pieces of the puzzle together ..


We pride ourselves to be able to offer tailored & independent ship consultancy services to our Clients. Our portfolio of Clients, include:

  • Banks

  • Leasing Houses

  • Investment Funds

  • Financial Institutions, Regulatory Bodies

  • ship owners who wish to outsource their ship management activities


Have you ever felt that your Fleet is under-performing? Or perhaps that the risk arising from their daily activities is too large to manage?


Then we are here to consult on their performance.


Our range of activities include:

  • advisory on technical matters

  • assisting our Clients with P&I, H&M or Vessel performance Claims

  • Benchmark the performance of Technical Managers

  • assisting our Clients with mitigating risk of their daily ship’s activities, conducting loss prevention reviews & ISM audits on their Fleets

  • consultation on areas of high risk, that would otherwise go unnoticed


If you feel that you need our help with any of the above, then feel free to contact us now.

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